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Congratulations 2011 Scholarship Winners

Megan Lundy

Megan Lundy, daughter of Brother Shawn Lundy, has been awarded scholarships from the OPCMIA Scholarship Foundation and the Building Trades Scholarship Fund.

Megan is eighteen years old and a senior at Elizabeth Forward High School. She enjoys spending time with her friends and family, fashion, working at American Eagle Outfitters and being involved in school activities. She is graduating with high honors and a member of the National Honor Society. Also, she is a four year member of the Varsity Cheerleading squad, editor of the School newspaper, president of "The Students against Destructive Decisions Club", a member of the Partners Education Program, and a member of the Art Club. This fall, Megan will join her brother and attend the University of Pittsburgh majoring in business to fulfill her future career goals.

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Devin Carr

Devin, daughter of Brother Wallace Carr, has been awarded Scholarships from the Union Plus Scholarship Program and First Commonwealth Bank.

Devin Carr's list of honors and awards, activities and volunteer engagements runs on for more than a page. This is a high-achieving young woman who believes that getting the most out of life starts by giving back. And it's a commitment she plans to continue during college and beyond. Her choices may be atypical — she plans to major in equine studies and equine business management — but Devin says her parents support her decision and she couldn't be more excited. "I found that a career in training horses and giving horseback riding instruction would encompass both my passion for horses and my enthusiasm for helping others," she says.

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