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16 Hour Confined Space Entry Certification

On May 21 & 22, 2011 Members of Local Union's 31 and 526 of Pittsburgh Pennsylvania participated in the 16 Hour Confined Space Entry Certification Course at the OP&CMIA Western Pennsylvania Training Facility.

The class started Saturday morning with instruction on general environmental and atmospheric hazard recognition, much of which not only applies to Confined Spaces but also to general every day construction practices.

Instructing the course was Brother Tom Reger of Local Union 633 Minneapolis Minnesota, Brother Paul Metcalf of Local Union 404 Cleveland Ohio and Brother Steve Stovall of Local Union 891 Washington DC.

As the course progressed, Instructors Reger, Metcalf, and Stovall placed more emphasis on Confined Spaces, what are they, what are the hazards on how do we protect ourselves when confronted with a Confined Space.

Too often many of our Members do not realize that they are in a Confined Space. This was indeed the case for several of the Members who attended. With the information they received in the 16 Hour Confined Space course, Plasterers and Cement Masons alike realized that they have actually worked in Confined Spaces many times in their career. Our Members will now have a better understanding of their environment and how to protect themselves when working in similar environments in the future.