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Pennsylvania Building Trades Council hails introduction of House resolution supporting Project Labor Agreements.

State Representative Gergley takes action to protect our employers and our jobs.

HARRISBURG, Pa., April 26 — The Pennsylvania Building and Construction Trades Council today commended State Representative Marc Gergley (D-35) for introducing House Resolution 761 supporting the use of Project Labor Agreements (PLAs) for all publicly funded or guaranteed public works projects in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

Frank Sirianni, President of the Building and Construction Trades Council, praised Representative Gergley for “his insight and support of policies which bring stability and job security to so many of Pennsylvania’s working families.”

Sirianni said that PLAs are beneficial for government-funded building projects because they guarantee on-time, under-budget completion without diminishing community standards for working conditions and quality of workmanship.

He also noted that House Resolution 761 supports contractors’ access to a pool of skilled and qualified local workers, eliminating the incentive for importing unskilled and, many times, undocumented workers that out-of-state contractors often use to undercut the bidding process on publicly funded projects.

Sirianni added, “Representative Gergley’s resolution recognizes what we in the building trades have been saying all along: that PLAs bring greater efficiency, on-time delivery of completed projects, and lower costs to taxpayers.”

For more information on Project Labor Agreements, go to the Council’s web site at www.pabuildingtrades.org.