Pittsburgh Residential Wages

Allegheny, Armstrong, Beaver, Butler, Cameron, Clarion, Clearfield, Crawford, Elk, Fayette, Forest, Greene, Jefferson, Lawrence, McKean, Potter, Venango, Warren, Washington, Westmoreland

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Rates Effective June 1, 2020

Base Wages

Foreman$31.28 (Journeyman + $1.50 Per Hour)
Foreman Gunner$32.78 (Journeyman + $3.00 Per Hour)
Gunner$31.28 (Journeyman + $1.50 Per Hour)
Swingman$30.28 (Journeyman + $0.50 Per Hour)


Local No. 31 Pension$2.11
Building Trades Pension$1.79
Apprentice Fund$0.15 ($0.10 LUJATF / $0.05 ITF)
Industry Fund$0.05
Total Fringes$11.19


Advancement Fund$0.39 (Per Hour)
Dues Deduction4.25% (Total Package (Wages & Benefits))
International Working Dues1% (Total Package (Wages & Benefits))

Apprentice Rates

First Six MonthsMin500 Hours50%
Second Six MonthsMin1000 Hours60%
Third Six MonthsMin1500 Hours65%
Fourth Six MonthsMin2000 Hours70%
Fifth Six MonthsMin2500 Hours75%
Sixth Six MonthsMin3000 Hours80%
Seventh Six MonthsMin3500 Hours85%
Eighth Six MonthsMin4000 Hours90%

Apprentice Benefits

Apprentices shall receive benefits based on the classification percentage, except for health and welfare which shall equal the Journeyman’s contribution.


Foreman’s Rate$1.50 over Journeyman
Foreman Gunner’s Rate$3.00 over Journeyman
Gunner Rate$1.50 over Journeyman
Swingman Rate$0.50 over Journeyman

Overtime Rate & Shift Differential

For detailed information concerning shifts and overtime, contact the local union.


For detailed information concerning travel allowances, contact the local union.

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